Regulatory Compliance

regulatory complianceMany industries answer to agencies that regulate their field. These agencies have the power to stop you doing business. Make sure you are in compliance with their rules, and that you are represented effectively before any branch of the agency, if necessary. Peter Glazer has represented businesses before agencies in the following areas:

  • Acupuncture
  • Architecture
  • Barbers
  • Chiropractic
  • Construction
  • Home Improvement Contracting
  • Home Improvement Sales
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Training
  • Pest Control
  • Professional Engineering
  • Residential and Commercial Painting

Know the rules. Know the law. Get experience.

Employment Law

employment lawAll businesses deal with employment issues. Even if you are the only employee. Want advice on how to handle a growing workforce? Or, perhaps, reducing one? Need employment policies tailored to fit your business and its culture? Human resources is an important and complicated area, rife with contention and risk. Knowing how to protect your business and keep your employees at their most productive are at the heart of any successful enterprise.

Dealing with unemployment claims, workers compensation claims, tax payment matters, claims of discrimination, and the many other issues businesses face in employment can be difficult. It is best to have someone to provide helpful advice, and, if necessary, forceful representation. Peter Glazer deals with these issues routinely. Let the firm be your resource.

Contracts & Leasing

contracts and leasingIf you are in business, you deal with contracts. In most instances, the obligations you are under and the relationships you have with clients, customers, vendors and others are governed by the law of contracts. Negotiating and drafting an agreement well is the best preventative measure to avoid problems. If a problem does arise, a well-drafted contract will put you in a position of power in the ensuing dispute. Pay attention to the details up front and you may save a great deal of time and money down the road.

A lease, being a particular type of contract, requires a skilled drafter to provide for the many peculiar circumstances and special laws that apply to both residential and commercial leasing. Whether it is for real estate or equipment, a lease is the most important document in how that property is handled by the owner and the lessee. Make sure that it provides protection for you, and reflects accurately the agreement you made. Having years of experience in residential and commercial leasing, Peter Glazer brings his perspective and knowledge to any stage of a leasing relationship. Take advantage of it.




In some cases, debt has become too great to continue unaddressed. Perhaps Bankruptcy is an option that needs to be considered. Seeking protection from your creditors through the Bankruptcy process may be the best, or only, way to address crushing debt. Find out how bankruptcy affects your life – contact Peter.

Peter Glazer has experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, and can assist you in deciding if bankruptcy is right for you. If it is, he will discuss with you the best Chapter under which to file, so that your goals are met.


When someone that owes you money files for Bankruptcy, your right to collect that debt is strongly impacted. You may not have any ability to recover your money. You may have an opportunity to seek only a portion of it from the debtor. Or, you may be able to protect your interest through the Bankruptcy Courts. Making sense of the Bankruptcy laws and the complex process of protecting your rights is difficult. Don’t try it alone. Peter Glazer has experience protecting the rights of creditors like you. Contact him.

The Glazer Law Firm, PC is a debt relief agency as defined by §528(a)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code. The Glazer Law Firm, PC helps people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Business Advising

people in businessOwning a business is more than just doing something everyday. It’s about determining your path in life. Rely on experience in deciding what path will get you where you want to be. The advice of an experienced business attorney can be invaluable in making the right informed decision. From crafting or revising your business plan to planning for the day you retire, the advice of your attorney should play an important role in helping you make a decision about what happens to you and your business.

Ask about how Peter Glazer and The Glazer Law Firm, PC can be there for you throughout the life of your business, and how the Business First Program℠ can help manage the expense of having your attorney on call.

Business Formation

people in businessCorporation? LLC? PLLC? LLP? PC? What should my business be?

At The Glazer Law Firm, PC, you will get the perspective and advice you need to choose the right form of doing business. Each has its advantages, but it should compliment your needs and how you do business. Many factors are considered, and when all is said and done, you will have a company ready for success. Lets discuss it.

Civil Litigation

civil litigationWhen problems cannot be resolved through other methods, your only recourse may be to file a lawsuit. Not all lawyers are litigators. To be successful navigating the many obstacles of both the law and process in the court system, you need an experienced attorney. Peter Glazer has the depth of experience to represent the interests of his clients in both the State and Federal courts of Virginia and the District of Columbia. Peter has represented businesses and individuals in thousands of cases before the courts. Experience matters. Choose wisely.